This article is not specifically related to patients with gestational diabetes; however the important part is that this patient had findings similar to patient’s with gestational diabetes and did well with a plant based diet.

Take a look at the diet plan.

Also take a look at this graph and note that an increase in eGFR (estimated glomerolar filtration rate) and decreased creatinine would benefit patients with GDM as well.

Learning points

  • A strict whole-food, plant-based diet, excluding meat, dairy, added fats and processed foods, may offer significant benefit for a motivated patient with chronic kidney disease due to diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
  • If a motivated patient makes a major dietary change to a whole-food, plant-based diet and is on high-risk medications like insulin or, to a lesser extent sulfonylureas and antihypertensives, close monitoring is required to decrease medications in advance of potential adverse effects.
  • Plant-based diets may offer benefit for patients with hyperphosphataemia, as phosphorus is less readily absorbed than animal-based sources of phosphorus.
  • Significant weight loss, which usually involves some degree of lean body mass loss, can reduce serum creatinine independent of its effect on renal function.

A fullcopy of this report may be obtained from this LINK.


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